Dr. Ann Beatty


Dr. Beatty is a clinical psychologist who earned the distinction of Health Care Champion: “Psychologist” of the year by the Springfield Business Journal in 2014. “A clinical psychologist is highly specialized in diagnosis and psychological treatment of mental, behavioral, and emotional illness.” (American Psychological Association) Dr. Beatty has spent more than three decades working with at-risk children and their families to reduce psychological distress and to help promote psychological health and well-being. She has special certification in sexual forensics of minor children and is credited as one of the founding members of the multidisciplinary board of the Child Advocacy Center (CAC). Dr. Beatty is a certified civil and family mediator and a certified parent coordinator practicing in the state of Missouri.


Dr. Beatty earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and music from Tarkio College. She received her Master of Arts degree in guidance and counseling from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. She holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology.

Current Specialties/Interests:

Dr. Beatty enjoys working with children and senior adults.  She is specialized in providing assessments for depression, anxiety, and attention/impulse hyperactive behavior.  Dr. Beatty has consulted with parents of children experiencing behavioral issues and is focused on helping parents learn new skills and to develop effective tools with the goal of improving relationships within the home and family. “My professional motivation comes from my drive to help children, adolescents, adults, and senior adults, who are struggling with life concerns, to find solace from abuse, neglect, pain, loneliness, and victimization.  It is an honor to help my clients develop feelings of courage, strength, renewal, and empowerment.  Working side by side with my clients is such a personal enjoyment.”


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