Mental Health Urgent Care

Since 2020, Covid has impacted each of our lives in many adverse ways. As Covid 19, Delta, and Omicron continue to affect the “normal” lives we once knew, research shows a growing increase in anxiety and depression.  In early 2021 as anxiety and depression numbers continued to surge,  so did the numbers of referrals for mental health services. Touchstone was receiving many more urgent requests for immediate crisis care. Unfortunately, each of our professionals could not provide immediate care as our practices were full. New client openings were months away.  A decision was made to introduce an “urgent care” mental health model rooted in a triage approach for clients in crisis. Our role as mental health ‘first responders’ was growing exponentially and the new model provided immediate care for those in crisis.  The urgent care model was and continues to be in great demand. Our urgent care option is designed to therapeutically serve clients who are dealing with critical issues including but not limited to: grief/loss, suicidal ideation, severe anxiety, self-harm, trauma, etc.  Emergency appointments are self-pay and therefore are not limited to a 50 minute model of counseling. Crisis appointments may be 30 minutes in duration or up to three hours if necessary. They may be in person or virtual.  We ask that you contact our office to schedule an appointment time. We cannot accept walk-ins. A solution-focused approach is used and you will be referred to a mental health professional for future appointments once you are stabilized.

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Mental Health Urgent Care

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